Educate Confidently // Learn Safely

Creating a New Horizon

THE NUMBERS (source for the facts)

NYC Schools 






in additional staffing due to COVID


to hire additional teachers


additional custodial labor


of 160k seats available due to COVID

Return to school offering


CERTIFY is supplying NYC DOE with hundreds of SnapXT Pro Thermal scanning devices with unlimited thermal management platform log ins and 24×7, 365 support.


Nordic is supplying NYC DOE with on site and virtual implementation and training.


Splunk is supplying NYC DOE with a system-wide Splunk Enterprise license and other Splunk products, along with data analytics services.

Potential Monetary Donors

Other potential monetary donors have been identified. The NYC DOE has indicated interest in additional devices to help keep schools safe.

Potential Technology Donors

Other potential technology donors have been identified and we are looking for more partners.



  • Thermal Scanning & Policy Enforcement
  • Anonymous Thermal Scanning
  • Identified Thermal Scanning
  • Touchless Registration
  • Customizable COVID-19 Questionnaires
  • Customizable Terms
  • Mask Enforcement
  • Employee Communication
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Member Engagement
  • Access Control
  • App & Beacon Based Contact Tracing

Working together to return safely and effectively

A World Class return to School and Work solution

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Challenge accepted


Leading the way.

We are excited to offer Nordic’s award-winning team to implement a world-class safe school solution for the NYC school system. In partnership with CERTIFY and Splunk, we leverage cutting-edge data analytics, fueled by SNAP XT data fed live into a cloud environment, to provide the NYC Department of Education real-time, actionable insights to help protect children, educators and staff. In leveraging the data available via the safe school solution, we can offer administrators and educators critical information to guide better decisions, leading to a safer and more productive learning environment in these unprecedented times.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. We are honored to help ensure a safe return to school and work for the nation’s largest school system.


Jeff Buss
Nordic Consulting


We are stepping up and making a difference. 

My name is Elizabeth Ross, and I am the Director of Strategic Partnerships for CERTIFY. CERTIFY was formed in 2012 as a SaaS based authentication platform for the world. Our goal was to improve the customer experience, enable frictionless commerce and accurately identify constituents. We have accomplished that mission with thousands of satisfied customers and millions of end users that utilize the CERTIFY platform and solution set daily.

We challenged ourselves to see how we can make a difference in the largest school system in America. We are partnering with the NYC Department of Education to supply the entire NYC School system with CERTIFY’s SnapXT Thermal Scanners and Health Platform. Our goal is for all of New York City’s 1.5 million students, teachers and administrators in more than 1,800 locations to have the ability to be thermally scanned and answer daily COVID questionnaires.

We are starting with the largest school system in the US and are challenging businesses and entrepreneurs in their cities to do the same and provide their city with technologies that will enable students and teachers with technologies that allow them to come back to school safely and securely. Find out more about the CERTIFY Challenge here and share with your colleagues and communities.


Elizabeth Ross
Director of Strategic Partnerships


Data can make the difference.

My name is Lerry Wilson, and I am Senior Director, Digital Systems and Innovation at SPLUNK. Splunk’s mission is to make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. In today’s digital world, devices and machines of all sizes keep track of every process that occurs, creating literally trillions of data events per day. Splunk’s platform rapidly digests and correlates these streams of disparate data to allow customers to quickly ask questions of the data and get real time, data driven answers. Today, more than 20,000 customers around the globe use Splunk to secure, monitor and act on machine data from across their enterprise and operational environments.

We are excited that our partners CERTIFY and NORDIC have recognized the value that Splunk can bring to the NYC School system and are pleased to provide our software and services as part of our Splunk for Good $10M commitment. Through this ecosystem collaboration, we can make a difference in the largest school system in America, capturing and delivering immediate insights to help leadership make more informed,data driven decisions around student and faculty health concerns.

A child’s future is the greatest investment we in technology can make and we are proud to be part of this effort. We hope we can inspire other technology firms to collaborate with us to create data driven solutions that will enable students, teachers, employees, businesses in every industry and citizens to return to a safe and secure environment.

Lerry C Wilson
Senior Director
Digital Systems and Innovation

NYC back to school pledge

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies will be supplied to all schools, and the New York City Department of Education (DOE) will have a 30-day supply on hand at all times – with a hotline for principals to call for immediate resupply for their schools
  • There will be a full-time nurse in every public-school building
  • Any school building or room found to have inadequate ventilation will not be used by students or staff
  • Students and staff will practice physical distancing in all school buildings
  • Students will remain in pods for as much of the day as possible
  • Students and staff will wear face coverings throughout the school day; if they do not have them, they will be provided for free
  • We will place hand sanitizer in every classroom
  • City-run testing sites will prioritize free COVID testing and expedited results for school staff; free testing is also available to all students, families, and New Yorkers citywide
  • We are encouraging all DOE employees to be tested monthly
  • NYC Department of Health and Test + Trace Corps will immediately investigate confirmed cases to prevent spread of the virus
  • Schools will communicate with all students and families when there are confirmed cases in schools
  • When necessary, classrooms or school buildings will temporarily close to maintain safety of school communities and prevent spread of the virus
  • School buildings will close if the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests in New York City is 3% or more using a 7-day average—the most aggressive threshold in the nation